Sunday , January 29 2023


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Forbes article on Vegas Golden Knights betting

I’m quoted extensively in this article about betting on the Vegas Golden Knights who started the season at 500/1 odds and now have a legit look at winning a Stanley Cup. A sample diatribe: A seven-figure loss for a big sportsbook sounds a lot worse than it really is. They’d …

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New Article at Forbes on ‘Five Non-Financial Blockchain Use Cases’

Here’s my previous Forbes article on ‘Five Non-Financial Blockchain Use Cases Marketers Need To Understand’. As was the case with my previous post, I intentionally chose the lamest and most generic ‘blockchain’ stock image I could find. Five Non-Financial Blockchain Use Cases Marketers Need To Understand (Forbes)

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Americans Optimistic About Technological Change But Only In The Abstract

A report from the Pew Research Center received a good deal of media coverage when it was released in mid-April and its results underscore the antithetical mindset about technological change evident among the general public and in government and mainstream media. The report entitled ‘US Views of Technology and the …

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