Friday , December 2 2022

Forbes article on Vegas Golden Knights betting

I’m quoted extensively in this article about betting on the Vegas Golden Knights who started the season at 500/1 odds and now have a legit look at winning a Stanley Cup. A sample diatribe:

A seven-figure loss for a big sportsbook sounds a lot worse than it really is. They’d take a similar hit on a bad NFL weekend. There’s a reason that Nevada sportsbooks haven’t had a losing month since July 2013. Even with a Knights’ Stanley Cup win I’d be willing to wager that Nevada books finish the month in the black once again. Sportsbooks generally love stories like this due to the publicity they can get.

H/T to Forbes columnist Dave Caldwell who always reaches out to me on betting related stories. Check out his work here:
Dave Caldwell at Forbes

Full article here:

Why Betting Tickets On The Vegas Golden Knights Are No Longer Just Souvenirs (Forbes)

UPDATE: A couple of other publications have picked up my quotes from the aforementioned article:

Vegas Golden Knights: Team among betting long shots in sports history (

Vegas cheering, dreading a Stanley Cup title for Golden Knights (USA TODAY)

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