Monday , April 23 2018
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Fed Plan for Phone GPS App Regulation Latest Reason Why Status Quo Sucks

Having successfully vilified texting and cell phone use while driving our Federal overlords are moving on to their latest target–cell phone GPS app regulation. For some reason they’ve decided that there’s a veritable slaughterhouse of Google Maps distracted deaths on US highways and that since we as citizens don’t have …

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Does It Matter That Americans Fear The Future of Technology?

First of all a couple of procedural matters: I’ll be enabling comments on the site within the next few days. That’s been the plan all along but I wanted to make sure that I set it up to minimize comment spam. Also, I’ll be recording the first ‘Future Fallout’ podcast …

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Tech Fear Mongering Is Nothing New

One of the sharper tech thinkers in the world is Dr. Genevieve Bell who is the director of Interaction and Experience Research at Intel. She also writes and speaks extensively on technology and it’s impact on the future and perhaps the best thing about her work is her effective refutation …

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